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What will my Alexander Technique lessons be like?

Head and neckDuring an Alexander Technique lesson, your teacher will observe your posture and movement patterns. She will place her hands gently on your shoulders, neck, back, etc., and guide you in simple movements and everyday activities such as sitting, standing, walking and bending.

Working on sholderAs well as conveying information to you, this hands-on connection allows your teacher to gather more refined information about your patterns of moving and breathing. With verbal instruction and gentle hands-on guidance, you will learn to release any unnecessary muscle tension and to allow ease and expansion within your body.

Working on the table. Specific activities can also be addressed during your lessons. Musical instruments are always welcome, as are any activities in which you would like to improve your coordination, performance and ease. Your individual needs will always be addressed in your lessons.

Part of each lesson also consists of lying semi-supine on a massage table. (on your back, knees up)

at chair sitting What to wear:
Comfortable, loose fitting clothes are best. Since part of the lesson consists of work on the massage table, women may be more comfortable in pants rather than a skirt. It is nice to remove your shoes during a lesson, so you may want to bring a pair of socks.

Are Alexander Technique lessons painful?
Lessons in the Alexander Technique are not painful, and they are never physically aggressive. The method that Alexander devised is based in the philosophy of ʻallowingʻ things to happen as opposed to ʻforcingʼ things to happen.

If you have come to Alexander lessons for help with back pain, joint pain, or any type of pain relief, we may choose to begin your lessons on the table as opposed to standing or sitting.

Lessons are gentle, and we will always proceed in a way- and at a pace- that suits you as an individual.

If you have further questions about what lessons in the Alexander Technique are like,
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