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How Alexander Lessons Have Helped Others


Adrian Ziegler, Rebecca's Alexander technique student. I work at a law firm and I spend long hours in front of the computer. For several years I'd been experiencing very very bad neck pain, and It was really affecting my life. I treated this pain with Pilates, Yoga, chiropractic and hard exercise. All those didn't bring relief, though. I was taking 3 to 9 ibuprofen just to get through the work day.

I discovered the Alexander Technique basically out of desperation. At my first lesson I was a little bit skeptical- It was definitely different than what I had done in Physical therapy or Pilates or chiropractic, however, by the second lesson I was beginning to feel some relief. I noticed some real changes in myself in the way I hold myself and how I was moving. By the 5th session my neck pain had completely gone away.

It was very interesting to me to see how much energy I was spending holding myself in a contorted way-holding my shoulders up, thrusting my head forward as I worked on my computer. I've continued with the Alexander Technique and feel very well-balanced. I am in a much better place for my posture and how I hold myself. I can certainly say it has been the most effective thing I've done for my health for dealing with my pain levels and getting me through the workday.

-Adrian Ziegler


If you're new to Alexander Technique, know that you're in safe hands with Rebecca. Her skill, awareness and gentle, non-judgemental approach are a blessed gift to anyone fortunate enough to take a session or more with her.

I had been travelling a lot by the time I reached San Diego so my body and mind were experiencing a lot of tension and dis-ease until I had four sessions with Rebecca.

All I can say is what a relief to my neck, back, shoulders, and whole body! Not to mention the new physical and emotional ease, centredness and freedom of movement I experienced each time and afterwards.

Thank you Rebecca. I'll look you up again next time I'm in San Diego. What a wonderful time in your sessions.



Bonniie Friedman, Rebecca's Alexander technique student. After my Alexander lessons with Rebecca my muscles are much more at ease.

My lessons are helping me learn how to use my body better and be aware of myself. When I use what I learn in my Alexander Technique lessons, I know I'm not putting any extra strain on my body.

I feel taller. I feel less tension in my body. It makes me feel at peace.

-Bonnie Friedman


Rebecca is definitely the Alexander Technique Goddess of Pacific Beach.

Rebecca has great mastery with the Alexander Technique and it shows with her confidence in teaching. Rebecca will have you relaxing muscles and correcting posture within 20 minutes of your first session, and it gets better from there. Each session you learn something new, another muscle to relax, how to walk better, how to sit correctly, and stand more comfortably. All of this plays a big roll, especially if you have a lot of stress in your life. You feel better and look better.



Lilly Fluger, Rebecca's Alexander technique student. During an Alexander session with Rebecca, I feel gentle shifts opening up an ease of motion, while a peaceful relaxed soothing flow moves through me. But I also feel energized, and afterwards, I feel bouncier. It's a subtle, gentle, floaty focus - that feels so good.

I think my body listens then remembers all the ease and grace and natural motion it had as a child, but has forgotten.

I walk farther with ease, am bendy-er in yoga, and love my body awareness. I don't get physically tired from things.

It's hard to describe, but I always look forward to our sessions and after feel renewed and refreshed.

-Lilly Fluger